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My name is Johnny Richard Lee. I was born in San Diego, Ca in 1944. My parents were divorced when I was at the age of 13. I eventually went to live on a dairy farm with my aunt and uncle where I became very familiar with the farm life and farm community. They lived in the Sterling, Oklahoma area. God began to really work in my life and gave me the free gift of salvation when I was 16. Like so many teenagers I wasn’t really serious about serving the Lord until He really got my attention. At the age of 25. I became involved with a great Southern Baptist Church and was very active in everything. I was ordained a deacon one year later, I have been teaching and preaching and singing the gospel message for over 40 years now to all groups of people, but my heart of hearts is to reach the cowboy, the rancher and farm community folks.

God moved me to Colorado to begin a ministry in the Milliken/Johnstown area and called me to the ministry at the age of 68.  My wife of 51 years, Garlena and I, started Country Gospel Cowboy Church in April of 2013.  She was also the mother of my three great kids who are now serving the Lord in their own churches.  In February of 2017, God called her home.

Since that time God introduced me to a very special and godly lady.  Her name is Janet and the Lord brought us together in an amazing way that we both realized that the love we have for one another could only come from Him.  She is a blessing to His church and an answer to my prayer.  You can probably tell from looking at our picture how special she is to me!  We are continuing serving our Lord now by opening our doors for the first time in Johnstown after buying an older church building and making it a cowboy church.  Our first service was November 5, 2017.  We will continue there until God says otherwise.